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Efes Draft 12 Bottles x 500ml

Efes Draft 12 Bottles x 500ml


You can’t go wrong with Turkey's favourite best-selling beer! Distinct for its barrel-shaped bottle, Efes Draft is a light and thirst-quenching lager that underwent shorter pasteurisation than regular lager - thus the shorter shelf life but fresher taste. It’s time to try it.
  • Pours clean, with a bright and clear golden honey colour and snow - white head that is gone after a few seconds, no lacing
  • No sign of hop or yeast sediment, no boozy smells
  • Honey notes on the nose along with malt, barley and sugar tones
  • Consume within 6 months of purchase, store away from sunlight
  • Best served chilled
  • Great gift for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, suitable for vegetarians
  • Manufactured by Anadolu Efes (since 1969), a leading brewery in Turkey, central Asia, Russia, and south-eastern Europe
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